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Product Review: ID Agent Dark Web ID

Having spent 12 years as an IT Director in the Healthcare Industry, I have seen a lot of business products. Electronic health Records, finance systems, security systems and specialized applications are always evolving, being developed and pitched. There have been very few in my career that ever made me take a moment and think twice about how I approached IT or made me re-assess my strategy.

ID Agents Dark Web monitoring products are made to do both. Their products have truly brought to the forefront of my mind that while my mindset and control of my internal network may be sound, if I don’t pay more attention to the users external activity then everything I have in place is compromised.

Everyone is on the internet… That’s a given. Users also are required to use their email address to register for sites and often times its for business so they will use their work email. Users often have legitimate reasons to register for sites like payroll, HR services, online stores and even social media. ID Agent searches the dark web for instances of when a user’s email may have been compromised from one of these external websites.

The product can search individual emails and entire domains. As an example, I ran a search on one of my junk email accounts.

The following results came up for the account I used:

As you can see, the above account was compromised. More importantly to note, the passwords used are fully visible and available on the dark web.

You may be wondering… What’s the big deal, its on a 3rd party website… The problem is that most users tend to use the same passwords to make things easier. I have run scans on companies and found thousands of compromised accounts. It takes only 1 account with the same matching credentials to create a breach.

ID Agents Dark Web monitoring service not only searches and constantly monitors for new breaches, it also has a training component. The training component works in two ways. Online training and Internal Phishing to see who is susceptible. The training component is setup to train users on the most common exploits and safety measures from Phishing Scams and Malware to PHI and WiFi best practices.

The system also tracks results:

The internal phishing simulation then tests how well the training resonated with your user base:

Results of the phishing simulation produce results similar to the training:

ID Agent put a lot of thought and effort into this product and it shows. As I said at the beginning, there haven’t been a lot of products that made me take pause and rethink my strategies… but this one did.

With the ability to use all of the tools ID Agent offers (Scans, monitoring, training and phishing simulations) IT Departments are better able to situate themselves to protect themselves.

Interested in learning more?

If your business is in interested in Dark Web ID or in recieving a free scan We encourage you to contact us:

Toll Free: 800-940-0040

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