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Freedom Tech is an Outsourced IT Solutions Provider.


Freedom Tech is a National IT Solutions Provider headquartered in Johnston, Rhode Island that has been in business since 2001. Our mission is to comprehensively handle all IT needs to alleviate the stress of technology.


We understand that organizations like yours depend upon fast, reliable, and secure access to an ever-increasing amount of data to effectively serve the public. We also recognize that proactive, streamlined IT support and ironclad cybersecurity protection are essential; organizations like yours need cost-effective ways to leverage these services.

We help keep technologies operational and secure, execute key IT projects and initiatives, and map out long-term technology plans.

We look forward to getting the opportunity to work with you.

Executive Team

George Jemery, III

Founder, President & CEO

Felice Magliari

Founder, Vice President & CFO

Vincent Sibilia

Senior Project Manager

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