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Live Help Desk

Although technology can improve the speed a company works and make workflows much more efficient, company staff have questions in using the technology and need help. Even the most well-designed system will have problems, and users will expect IT Help Desk support when they need it the most.

IT infrastructure and services have become a core component to almost every business from emails to maintaining client records.

The demand to maintain the equipment and software systems can often impact the response time an in house IT Staff person can provide support to the person calling for help.

Answering the call for support is essential for business, but how can organizations handle the demand of keeping the systems fully operational while answering the users call for support? 


Freedom Tech IT help desk services fulfills this need!

We believe in going beyond when it comes to customer support which is why our desk technicians are readily available 8AM to 6PM (EST), Monday thru Friday. 

Our knowledgeable staff delivers timely and insightful responses to all support requests. Issues can be reported via phone, email or web portal; upon receipt of a request, a ticket is opened, the issue is assessed and prioritized, and communication is maintained until the issue is successfully handled.

Contact us for more information on Freedom Tech IT Help Desk Services can help your company.

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