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Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster recovery consists of policies, best practices and IT technologies working to minimize or prevent data loss and business disruption caused by a data loss causing event. Events can range from hardware/equipment failures, weather based natural disasters, unexpected local power outages, cyber-attacks, operating system or software failure or data accidentally being deleted by a staff member.

Many small or mid-size businesses don't have the time, resources or knowledge needed to develop a reliable, practicable disaster recovery plan. Without a plan, a small or mid-sized business have little protection from the aftermath of a significant data loss event.

Without a sound disaster recovery plan an event could cause the company to temporarily create lost revenue upwards of hundreds of thousands per day. Many small to midsize business would not be able to survive such an impact. Having a sound disaster recovery plan can reduce these risks.

Disaster recovery planning involves a sound strategy, contingency planning, utilizing appropriate disaster recovery technology, and regular testing. Ensuring your systems have validated backups of your data is an essential piece of disaster recovery planning, but a backup and recovery process is not the only component of a disaster recovery plan.

A complete disaster recovery plan will make sure that the equipment and plans are aligned in order to ensure that the 

failover and failback plans can work together seamlessly. Failing over to the backup systems are critical to operations, but you need to be able to then move all the new data back to the original environment after the event.

Regardless of your business size, your office requires a dependable disaster recovery.

Freedom Tech can ensure you have a robust a backup and disaster recovery plan


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