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Server Monitoring & Monthly Maintenance

Servers are a critical component of business operations. The servers may be virtual or physical, but they are always mission critical and need to be available for your business to be a success.


Server monitoring is an important component to ensuring the servers are available when needed. While server monitoring includes patching your system and making sure it’s always powered up, it also provides visibility in to the activity on your servers. A single server can support thousands of requests simultaneously, so making sure your server can meet those expectations is an important part of managing your IT Infrastructure.

​If a file server is running slowly or your accounting/billing files are corrupted, your business would be impacted. Server monitoring monitors the performance, uptime and health of your IT environment.

Server monitoring gives an in depth look into the inner workings of your systems and provides key metrics to IT management about their operation by:

  • Ensuring server uptime

  • Monitoring CPU utilization

  • Measuring response times

  • Providing security alerts

  • Monitoring disk space

  • Monitoring log file space

  • Validating data backups


Freedom Tech will monitor your entire server infrastructure and get in-depth visibility into key performance indicators of your data center and perform the necessary routing maintenance to keep things operating smoothly.

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