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Episode 5 of SM Talking Tech - Interview with Michael Parad

Telecom Consultant – Michael Parad

Telecom Consultants LLC. is a major telecommunications broker/consultant. We have direct contracts with well over 50 different telecommunication companies. We work with best practice businesses in each product and service area segment in providing best quality of services to our customers. If you happen to have your long distance service with one particular company, that company has only one interest: "putting you and keeping you with them." That is NOT our interest. We find the best program for all of your telecommunication needs and recommend a number of carrier options to you. You choose which option is the best. We look out for your needs, not the needs of any particular company that we work with.

Telecom Consultants LLC. is not a middleman. When we sign you up with a particular carrier you receive your billing, customer service, etc., directly from that carrier. However, we do provide a second layer of customer service. We continue to look out for your needs by researching better options for your service. We always look out for your best interest.

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