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Government IT Services

Expert IT Support Services for Federal, State, and Local Government

Modern government agencies depend upon fast, reliable, and secure access to an ever-increasing amount of data to effectively serve the public. Proactive, streamlined IT support and ironclad cybersecurity protection are essential, and government organizations need cost-effective ways to leverage these services.

Freedom Tech helps federal, state, and local government organizations keep their technologies operational and secure, execute key IT projects and initiatives, and map out long-term technology plans.

Government IT Consulting Services

Staff Augmentation

Almost all agencies need technical resources on staff in some capacity, and Freedom Tech provides a more efficient and cost-effective way to get the resources your agency needs. We connect government customers with certified, experienced engineers and project managers with a wide variety of expertise to save the time and expense associated with sourcing, hiring, onboarding, and training an internal resource. Through Freedom Tech, a nationwide network of qualified personnel is at your fingertips.

Service Desk Support

Government organizations need access to technical support to be able to serve the public, but maintaining adequate internal IT resources is often impractical. With Freedom Tech, your agency gains access to our team of certified, U.S.-based IT engineers through a variety of contact methods. Our service desk is a cost-effective way to keep your network running optimally and maximize your staff’s productivity.

Strategic IT Consulting Services

Whether you need assistance with the IT strategy and budgeting for the upcoming fiscal year, a roadmap to upgrade your technology, or an expert to help you leverage technology trends, Freedom Tech has the experienced, proven resources to help lead your agency forward.

Program and Project Management

Our certified program managers help identify, plan, deliver, and support IT services based on industry best practices that align with agency objectives and the overall mission.

Virtualization Services

Virtualization enables government agencies to streamline network infrastructure, maintain information security, and control costs. We leverage our experience as a VMware, Microsoft, and Citrix partner to help virtualize your environment.

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