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Finance IT Services

Financial IT Support and IT Consulting for Accounting Firms

Since 2001, we’ve assisted accountants and financial professionals with all aspects of information technology consulting. We understand the technological needs and challenges facing the accounting/financial industries today and are here to help you and your business thrive. Freedom Tech is here to help your firm with all its IT accounting needs.

Count on Freedom Tech to Support All Your Firm's Critical Applications

The Sarbanes-Oxley and Gramm-Leach Bliley Acts are only two in a long line of government regulations by which accounting firms must abide. A single violation, no matter how unintentional, can have grave consequences for a firm and its customers. It's more important now than ever to ensure that your business has an effective IT accounting solution in place.

Freedom Tech understands the increased scrutiny that these government regulations bring and has years of experience helping our clients in finance and accounting understand and implement the industry's best practices for reporting and protecting sensitive client data. We currently provide financial IT support to dozens of accounting firms and can assure you that data security will quickly become an integrated part of your organization. Our finance and accounting IT support services help firms prepare for the unexpected.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning

What would you do if your office computers were ruined by a burst water pipe? Or if a terminated employee maliciously deleted an entire client database? There are plenty of situations that can interrupt business, so having a solid plan in place to deal with unexpected technological disasters can ensure that the interruption is only temporary.


Through expert IT consulting services, Freedom Tech helps accounting and financial firms develop disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Our solutions take into account the unique needs and responsibilities of each area within the firm. We can perform an IT audit of your current IT systems and processes to identify areas of both strength and weakness. Your customers are counting on you, and you can count on us to help keep your IT accounting technology running smoothly – all of the time, no matter what the situation.

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